We've decided to audit 66 of our submitters. We've known for a few years that scammers were giving away access to our programs and we weren't sure of the impact, but we've done some testing and we think it's out of hand.

HERE is an example of one of the scammer pages that is giving away our stuff. That page is giving away over 80 of our products. According to our log reports that scammer has given access to 1000's of people.

So here is what we're going to do, we've loaded a new submitter with fresh new leads. Its basically a brand new submitter in a secure area where you'll be issued a unique username and password. If your username and password are shared then we will delete your username and password. Also in accordance with our Terms of Use Policy located HERE we'll filter all your ads to the trash across the entire server.

We're doing this so our honest, paying customers will have a viable product at their disposal. We do not want our members to lose access to our product, we want you to benefit from the use of a product that works.

The scammers are not only ripping us off for tens of thousands of dollars in leads, but they are ripping you off too because the leads unsubscribe very quickly when they get hundreds of emails per day. So when most of them unsubscribe then you are submitting to nearly nobody.

So here are your 3 choices:

One, you can go to the contact form located HERE and send us a copy of your receipt. The receipt must show 4 things. The date of purchase, the name of the product, the price you paid and the name of the person paid. Please send a receipt with all the information that we're asking for. Make sure the item number and item name match the product that you're requesting. Incomplete receipts will be deleted.

Two, if you obtained access from a scammer then you can send any information that they sent you, like their sales page or their access link using the form located HERE and we will give you free access and you'll be eligible for a cash reward.

Third, you can purchase a membership to this submitter from us and be issued a username and password to a secure area. The new submitter contains new leads and will therefore be much more responsive then the current submitter that we're removing. You can do that HERE. Once you are given access to the new submitter, delete your bookmark to this page and bookmark the new page. Save the welcome email that is sent to you.

We're going to take 2-3 weeks to audit all the submitters. This page will be duplicated on each submitter. If you saved all your receipts then this will be pain-free, if you didn't save your receipts then maybe you should have.


Sarah Gallagher/ Client Services
Global Ad Solutions